Company Outline

Company name Ebac Co., Ltd.
Representative directors Mitsukatsu Sasaki, Chairman
Ken Sasaki, President
Address (Head office) 6-5, Yakumo 1-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0023
Phone: +81-3-3724-3681(pilot number)
Fax: +81-3-3725-0621
Address (Head plant) Same as above
Tsuzuki 2nd factory Logistics station 205, Shin Yoshida-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa 223-0056
Seoul Branch 316, 11 Magokjoongang 6-Ro, Gangseo-Ku, Seoul 07802, Republic of Korea
TEL: +82-70-8121-3683
Founded December 1966
Capital 20 million yen
Our main banks Toritsu Daigaku Ekimae branch, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Jiyugaoka branch, Mizuho Bank
Meguro branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Hibusuma branch, Johnan Shinkin Bank


Manufacturing and sales of:

  • Deep freezers (-20℃--86℃)
  • Programmed freezers
  • Air blasters
  • Constant-temperature test chambers
  • Explosion-proof refrigeration showcases
  • Reagent refrigeration showcases
  • Blood and reagent storage vessels
  • Chromatography chambers
  • Low-temperature transport vessels
  • Vapor phase cryogenic vessels (LN2)
  • iPS transport vessels
  • Cold benches
  • Incubators
  • Agitator chamber
  • RI fire-resistant refrigerator-freezers

Design, construction, and sales of;

  • Prefabricated cold rooms (large refrigerated storage rooms and refrigeration laboratories)
  • Clean rooms
  • Environmental and artificial climate laboratories
  • Other cold rooms
  • Distributor in Japan for Liebherr (Germany)
  • Distributor in Japan for IARP (Italy)
  • Exclusive distributor in Japan for Haier (China)
  • Construction of freezers, refrigerator-freezers, ice makers, clean benches, and air-conditioning systems
  • Design, manufacturing and sales of laboratory refrigeration equipment
  • Sales of analysis, laboratory, genetic, and biotechnology-related equipment


December, 1966 Ebara Setsubi Kogyo Co., Ltd. is established and incorporated. It leverages specialized technologies related to the practical application of freezers and starts product manufacturing and sales, and technical support services.
July, 1967 The company establishes in its equipment division a medical refrigeration section, which uses the laboratory equipment manufacturer’s proprietary technologies, particularly in the cryogenic field, to develop deep freezers. It starts product manufacturing and sales under the brand Ebara Low-Temp.
December, 1968 The company becomes exclusive dealer in Japan for Admiral freezers (USA) through its importer in Japan, Nippon Reidanbo Co., Ltd.
March, 1973 Capital is increased to 8 million yen.
April, 1973 Head office is relocated to 1-7, Meguro Hon-cho 3-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
December, 1973 Mitsumasa Sasaki is appointed CEO.
March, 1976 The New Technology Development Foundation places an order for the joint development of frozen blood processing technology.
December, 1978 The company succeeds in developing a frozen blood processing technology system.
December,1980 Head office is relocated to 6-5, Yakumo 1-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo with the completion of a new (company-owned, three-story) building. Company name is changed to Ebara Inc.
September, 1989 Capital is increased to 20 million yen.
April, 1993 The company becomes distributor in Japan for HETO (Denmark).
April, 1994 Trademark brand name is changed.
November, 1995 The company becomes distributor for Liebherr (Germany).
July, 1996 The company obtains a medical device manufacturer’s license.
March, 1997 The company becomes distributor in Japan for IARP (Italy).
December,2000 The company starts sales of cell shippers for umbilical cord blood (planning and development of dry shippers).
April, 2001 The company becomes distributor for Daiwa Industries Ltd. (Japan).
May, 2001 The company becomes exclusive distributor in Japan for Jouan (France) deep freezers and centrifuges.
May, 2009 The company obtains ISO 9001:2008 certification.
August, 2010 The company obtains patents for blood transport bags.
May, 2011 Product warehouse is relocated; Tsuzuki warehouse is established. Yokohama showroom opens.
The company becomes exclusive distributor in Japan for Haier (China).
August, 2011 The company stars sales of the brand EBAC Haier.
Ken Sasaki is appointed CEO.
October, 2014 EBARA KOREA is established.
April, 2015 The company obtains WHO certification for Low-temperature transport vessels.
May, 2016 EBARA customer service center in Kyushu district is established.
Aug, 2020 Company name is changed to Ebac Co., Ltd.